Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Taylor Art Garage ships anywhere in  Canada and the United States. If you're interested in an international shipment outside of those regions, shoot us a message in the contact box below and we will connect with you!

How does the custom auto art process work?

When you purchase a custom piece of artwork, you'll be put in touch with the artist directly. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you, so we make this process as collaborative - or as hands off - as you like. By getting to know you a little bit, this ensures your custom piece will fit your style and your goals for the space.

Custom auto art typically starts in one of two directions:

You provide a photo of the car.


Whether it be your dream car or your first build, this is a striking way to capture the car you love in a piece of art. By staying true to the iconic lines of the car, these pieces are the best way to bring the beauty of this vehicle to interior design. We work with your preferred colour pallet and take it from there.

This option works especially well for drivers with custom mods done to the car, or when the gift buyer doesn't know many details about the car. Just because someone you care about loves cars doesn't mean you need to be an expert! Trust us - we'll take care of you.

You let us know the make/model of the car.

This is the perfect option for someone who doesn't have a photo of the exact car they want painted. Maybe you know your dad always drove a '68 Challenger, or that your partner's dream car is the latest Lamborghini... that's more than enough to get this process going!

Still not sure what car to pick? Drop us a message in the contact box below!

Can I speak to a real person?

Absolutely! Either fill out the contact box below (which sends an email to custom@taylorartgarage.com), or DM direct to the artist on Instagram @taylorartgarage. If you click the Instagram icon anywhere on this website, it will direct you straight to our Instagram page.