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Artist Sacha Taylor bridges the gap between the automotive and fine art worlds in her revolutionary new style, combining the iconic body lines of the car world with concepts of modern art and interior design.

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The LUXE Collection

LUXE (adjective) / ˈləks, ˈlüks / richness, elegance, luxury.

This collection is the epitome of elegance and luxurious glamour, with a badass twist. The 3 paintings released to this exclusive collection are packed with the boldness of black and white, and the glitz and sheen of metallic gold, all finished with a sultry, gloss epoxy top coat.

The Black & White Collection

This collection is bold, dramatic, and full of life. Years after launching Taylor Art Garage, artist Sacha Taylor has taken it back to her early months of training as an artist, where she would work exclusively in black and white. Black & White artwork is one of the most universally accepted interior design statements, so turning that trend on its head by infusing the power and sexiness of the car world makes each of the pieces in this collection a powerful statement.

The | ABSTRACT | Collection

Abstraction, at it's core, is the intentional omission of any feature not absolutely essential to the piece. These 10 paintings were designed using a collaborative layering of textures and colours to achieve a dynamic but harmonious colour scheme, allowing for a seamless 'mix-and-match' integration between the pieces.

The Fast & Furious Collection

This collection is chock full of energy and ready to turn up the heat in any space. Featuring some of the most iconic cars from the movie franchise, each piece in this collection is an exciting standalone piece, and can be combined to create a truly one-of-a-kind feature wall.

The Women's Collection

The Women’s Collection + captures all 4 defining pillars of Taylor Art Garage:

Power. Strength. Comfort. Beauty.

This collection is all about the body lines. A stunning blend of the female form, complimented by the most iconic body lines from automotive history. Playing with the rules on where the background ends and foreground starts, these pieces are a captivating and empowering showcase of women in auto.

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